Instruction Description Inherent Immediate Direct Relative
LDAA Load A 86 96
ADDA Add to A 8B 9B
ADCA Add with carry to A 89 99
SUBA Subtract form A 80 90
SBCA Subtract with carry from A 82 92
ORA Bitwise OR with A 82 92
ORAA Bitwise OR with A 8A 9A
EORA Bitwise exclusive OR with A 88 98
CMPA Compare A  81 91
ANDA Bitwise AND with A 84 94
CLRA Clear A 4F
DECA Decrement A 4A
INCA Increment A 4C
LSLA Arithmetic Shift left one place 48
ASLA Arithmetic Shift left one place 48
LSRA Arithmetic Shift left one place 44
RORA Rotate A Right 46
ROLA Rotate A Left 49
NEGA Negate (2's Compliment) A 40
COMA Compliment (NOT) A 43
NOP No operation 01
STAA Store A 97
BRA Branch always 20
BEQ Branch if equal to zero 27
BNE Branch if not equal to zero 26
BCC Branch if carry clear 24
BHS Branch if higher or same 24
BCS Branch if carry set 25
BLO Branch if lower than 25
BPL Branch if plus 2A
BMI Branch if minus 2B