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The focus of this project has been to design and implement a graphical simulation of the internal operations of the M6800 microprocessor. The aim was to create an application that could accept user input in the form of assembly code, and see the simulated execution of that code as it would actually happen in the M6800. The specified purpose of this software was that it was to be used by students meeting microprocessor architecture for the first time, under the supposition that seeing the execution of an instruction would aid their understanding. The fetch / execute cycle was to be animated at a register transfer level, showing register, bus and memory interactions.

Another objective was to create a portable application, so that it could be used in a variety of environments. This is necessary as in the scenario of teaching the equipment available may vary with venue.

The animation and portability features provided by Java make it the ideal choice as the program development language.

Background research was carried out into the areas of microprocessor architecture and the Java programming language, in order to accumulate an extensive knowledge base from which to begin the design.

The task was then divided into modules, each of which should function almost independently of each other. These modules were then implemented and tested separately, until satisfactory operation had been achieved. When all the modules were completed, the whole system was constructed and tested for correct operation.

The final software solution met most of the objectives specified, reaching a satisfactory compromise between features and reliability.

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